Mystic Cruises’ World Voyager has been delivered from Portugal’s WestSea Viana do Castelo and will arrive at the Port of Lisbon today together with sister ship, World Explorer.

World Navigator is still under construction at the shipyard and is scheduled for completion next year.


The vessel is polar capable and can operate in remote landscapes with a reduced environmental footprint.

It consists of hybrid engines, shoreside power capability and a hybrid-electric jet propulsion system to avoid damage to polar ecosystems when stationary.

‘Unlike propellers, hydrojets diminish vibration and cavitation to significantly decrease underwater noise. Noise travels farther and louder in water, impacting highly sensitive sea life, which scatter at propeller noise’, explained Mário Ferreira, chairman of Mystic Invest Holding to SCN last year.

‘Hydrojets pump water in and out to produce drive and, like Azipods, can be directed 360 degrees to navigate along shorelines or dynamically position the ship by GPS without the use of the twin four-blade propellers.’

Mystic Cruises’ investment 

At the start of the year, Mystic Cruises ordered four 200-passenger expedition vessels from WestSea Viana do Castelo, raising Mystic’s building investment to more than €500m through 2023. 

The four newbuilds — World Traveller, World Seeker, World Adventurer and World Discoverer— are expected for delivery in 2022 and 2023.