Virgin Voyages opened bookings for Valiant Lady's spring 2022 sailings from the UK to European ports and revealed the recently delivered ship's mermaid.

This short stint of cruises will operate from Portsmouth before Valiant Lady heads to summer home Barcelona.

Each Virgin ship has a distinctive mermaid emblazoned on the bow. Valiant Lady’s, in Virgin Voyages’ description, is the embodiment of a ‘strong, beautiful, friendly and modern’ black American woman ‘moving confidently toward her dreams.’ 

Artist Hillary Wilson

The artist is Boston-based artist Hillary Wilson, whose background in classical art and medical illustration inspired her design of a mermaid that resembles a real woman with authentic features and characteristics.

Diversity at the core of the brand’s ideology

Citing diversity at the core of its brand ideology, Virgin Voyages said it was a natural move to ‘honor and represent different races and nationalities by telling those stories through the mermaids,’ adding: ‘This platform allows international artists to make waves and represent different backgrounds on an expansive, global canvas.’