Filippos Venetopoulos hinted at the rebrand at this year’s Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami while participating in the ‘Attracting Millennials to Cruise: The Next Generation’ panel. 

The new logo takes inspiration from a traditional compass, meant to evoke nostalgia of the seven-decade old company, founded by Diogenis Venetopoulos in 1949.

Explained Variety Cruises CEO Filippos Venetopoulos, ‘My grandfather had an extensive collection of compasses, which he used in his very first work as a tour guide, where he followed his instinct (and where the wind took him) for a compass-driven adventure. So when we decide to move the company forward, we are doing it in a very literal way, with the compass at the core of what we stand for, leading us into the future.’

Back when former historian Diogenis Venetopoulos led Variety – known as Zeus Tours at the time – sailings were by small, wooden boats.

The logo concept is ‘also figurative,’ according to Filippos Venetopoulos, ‘as we believe that the mental compass of diversity and sustainability should direct us wherever we go, both in our home country of Greece and the new destinations where we visit.’ It marks a new chapter as the third generation takes the wheel of the Greek cruise line.

New destinations 

With the rebrand, Variety introduces new destinations, off the beaten track locations and an expanding Limited Collection series of cruises for passengers interested in thematic travelling, with itineraries such as ‘Wines of Greece,’ ‘Hiking Cruise’ in Greece and a ‘Culinary Journey’ in the Seychelles.

It is also bringing back itineraries in off the beaten path destinations such as the Red Sea, West Africa and the Seychelles. Plus, last month the line revealed it would visit Tahiti for the first time, with sailings to the rarely visited Makatea part of the debut. 

‘We cater to those cruise goers who perhaps have been there, done that, and now they are seeking an odyssey with a twist, and we are most certainly the cruise company for non-cruisers, perfect for those travelers who are looking to immerse themselves fully into a destination in a different way,’ said Filippos Venetopoulos.

‘Honouring our history and experience since 1949, we now hope to go deeper into the destinations, their local cultures and communities, by allowing guests to pick their interest with thematic cruises (Limited Collection) such as wellness, and new active styles including hiking and other adventures.’ 

Being on a small vessel, passengers will have access to private beaches and secluded locations that larger cruise ships are unable to access. They will have the chance to experience wildlife along the West Africa Coast and upstream the Gambia River, go island hopping in French Polynesia plus explore the underwater worlds, luxury beaches and tropical jungles in the Seychelles. 

On itineraries in Greece, the CEO stated, ‘During the meltemi, which blows from May to September, it’s not uncommon for our itineraries to change which can lead to the best adventure’ as he described being better able to navigate with small boats when led in a different direction than planned by ‘entering small ports, or simply dropping anchor in an ancient cove.’ 

Fresh website and merchandising

As well as new merchandising, Variety has a new website featuring a 360-degree boat view that allows viewers to explore the vessel virtually. ‘We are very proud to have made it here, after more than seven decades in the industry,’ said Filippos Venetopoulos. ‘Like our father and grandfather, our drive and passion are evident in who we are and all that we do.’ 

The line’s seven day cruises envelop his new mantra: eyeing a ‘Better World at Sea one cruise at a time.’