Uniworld Boutique River Cruises' new Category+ program lets travelers bid on potential stateroom upgrades ahead of departure.

Powered by Plusgrade, the program invites passengers to browse staterooms and suites still available on their cruise in a higher category than they originally booked, and then place an offer. Bids may be placed on multiple available staterooms to increase upgrade chances, but travelers will only pay for their upgrade if it is accepted.

Adding luxury at a price point of the traveler’s choosing

‘We’re thrilled to be the first river cruise line to work with Plusgrade in providing an upgrade program of this nature. Our new Category+ stateroom program will give our guests an opportunity to add even more luxury to their vacation at a price point of their choosing, risk-free,’ Uniworld President and CEO Ellen Bettridge said.

Once an offer is either accepted or declined, the traveler will be notified via email and immediately charged the amount of their offered bid. If cruise was booked with a travel advisor, that advisor will also receive commission on the additional amount.

Bids may be canceled or modified up to five days prior to departure provided that an acceptance has not already been made, and Uniworld will notify travelers of acceptance no fewer than three days prior to departure.

Category+ details are here.