‘When we look at recent and imminent deliveries to the marine sector, we note that both light and dark horizontal wood patterns are the most popular,’ says Ingemar Forsberg, CEO of Metalcolour Group.

He points out that it often looks different depending on the industry.

‘If we look at outdoor applications in the construction sector, it is different shades of grey that we see the most orders for.’

Metalcolour usually offers DOBEL Film Laminated Metal in about 500 different designs for immediate delivery and another about 1000 for delivery on short notice.

‘Unfortunately, the uncertain world situation also affects us. Most of our standard designs are not affected, there we have some in stock and the supply is generally good. If, on the other hand, there is something more special that is requested, there may be a slightly longer delivery time than our client is used to. The more time we have from order to delivery, the greater the chance that the delivery will arrive within the desired time,’ Ingemar states.


Metalcolour follows with great interest the development of fossil-free steel. ‘Our main supplier of steel, SSAB, is at the forefront of this development and there is no clear forecast yet when the steel will be ready for delivery, but there are preliminary data pointing to 2026. The location of the supply and price of green energy is a factor that risks delaying the process.

‘We look forward with excitement to when we can deliver the first square meters of DOBEL Film Laminated Fossil Free Steel,’ says Ingemar.


‘For P&O’s new cruise ship Arvia, we delivered the last batch in Q1 2022, she is expected to be delivered and enter service sometime in 2023 according to the latest announcement. There we have delivered about 300,000 square meters that have been used for, among other things, doors, roofs and wet areas in both PAX and crew cabins as well as corridors.

‘Royal Carribean’s newest ships will also start operating in 2023 and will be able to carry around 5,600 passengers. The ship is built at Meyer Turku in Finland and we have delivered approximately 300,000 square meters of material used for roofs, doors and wet areas in PAX and crew cabins.

‘Carnival’s newest ship Carnival Celebration is performing sea trials since September 5. She is also built at Meyer Turku in Finland and on board there are about 250,000 square meters of DOBEL Film Laminated Metal in doors, walls and wet areas. According to plan, she will make her maiden voyage during November this year.’


‘We are so proud over being chosen as partner and supplier of DOBEL products to the construction of these impressive cruise ships.’

Using film laminated metal are more or less standard nowadays when designing cruise ship interiors, but it has not always been that way. In the early 70s, Metalcolour played an active role in setting a new standard for material choice and the manufacturing of cruise ship interiors. By introducing DOBEL Film Laminated Metal, Metalcolour initiated the transition from using piece coated traditional materials to using pre-painted and film laminated metal. This resulted in a bit of a revolution for the industry and with the transition came benefits including safety and durability properties.

Please read more: https://metalcolour.com/de/trending-dobel-designs-horizontal-wood-german/