Costa Cruises launched a digital advertising campaign, 'The holiday we miss' (La vacanza che ci manca), based on one of its past slogans, 'The holiday you're missing' (La vacanza che ti manca).

Six European markets

The campaign is airing online in six European markets: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It hinges on the timely sentiment of ‘missing’ a holiday while turning the message into one of optimism for the return of cruising and tourism as a whole. 

More than 6,000 contributions

Costa used more than 6,000 contributions from brand loyalists and bloggers that sprang from an April effort to collect treasured cruise moments via the line’s social media and direct marketing channels.

Francesco Muglia, VP global marketing for Costa, said the campaign is aimed at giving an upbeat message involving key stakeholders, ‘our guests.’

The hero video is a mélange of user-generated content. The slogan ‘The holiday we miss’ appears with the hashtags #cruisingsoon and #ripartiamoinsieme, which Costa has been using on social media since March. The video was conceived and created by DUDE, under the guidance of creative directors Livio Basoli and Lorenzo Picchiotti.

‘Holiday wall’ on the website

In addition to the video, Costa will provide space on at for a ‘holiday wall’ comprised of contributions from social media channels that will continuously add fresh content.