In the face of humanitarian crises like the war in Ukraine and drought in Africa, among others, this charitable collaboration will donate 100% of the posted price (excluding any fees and commissions) from two Baltic cruises to CARE, the International Rescue Committee and the American Red Cross.

Due to scheduling challenges from the pandemic, The Tabernacle Choir was forced to cancel its long-planned Nordic tour. With the help of Azamara, the Choir is turning this cancellation into a charitable opportunity.

Seven- and five-night cruises

Azamara will offer two cruises — a seven-night voyage June 17 and a five-night voyage June 24 to ports in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Germany aboard Azamara Pursuit. This is the ship the Choir had originally reserved for travel during its tour.

Anyone booking either cruise can support the work of the three charities while experiencing the Nordic countries. The cruises may also be combined for a 12-night trip without repeating any ports.

The work of CARE, the International Rescue Committee, American Red Cross

One hundred percent of the posted sales price (excluding fees/commissions) from the cruise bookings will be distributed equally among the three nonprofits. CARE is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting global poverty, achieving social justice and fighting for the equality of women and girls around the world. The International Rescue Committee works in more than 40 countries and over 20 US cities to help those affected by conflict and natural disasters to survive, recover and rebuild their lives. And the American Red Cross provides international humanitarian aid and support to communities in crises around the world.

‘We are pleased to use this opportunity to honor the sacred directive to love our neighbors,’ said Mike Leavitt, president of The Tabernacle Choir, who thanked Azamara for working to create this charitable cruise opportunity.

‘We are proud to be partnering with The Tabernacle Choir to do our part in aiding global communities in need,’ Azamara President Carol Cabezas said. ‘We are committed to connecting our guests with the people and destinations of the world, so we understand the importance of helping refugees across the globe receive the care and resources they need.’

Fares start at $999

Pricing for these charitable sailings starts at $999 per person, plus taxes and fees. No portion of the sales price is tax-deductible. Bookings: