Participating shipowners can be confident that their vessels will always have clean hulls, with all the attendant benefits that brings, from slashing fuel consumption by up to 10% to regaining complete control over invasive species while knowing the true condition of the ship’s hull all the time.

Armach makes this service possible by combining a RaaS business model with the next generation of hull cleaning robotics proprietary to Armach Robotics. 

The Armach HSR hull cleaning robot has some distinct advantages – a small platform to get into tighter spaces on the hull and caterpillar tracks which are kinder to hull coatings.

But the real game changing aspects of the Armach HSR are around the navigation and hull intelligence systems. With accurate navigation, robots can be autonomous and data can be referenced to the hull so complete coverage can be assured.

Armach was born out of leading underwater robotics software company Greensea Systems and uses a hull navigation and autonomy system proprietary to the Armach HSR. This sophisticated software and navigation suite ensures that the robot cleans the hull in the quickest and the most efficient way possible.

As the robot cleans, the software builds a mental map of every feature of the hull. During the next visit, the HSR can be more efficient. This efficiency improvement does not require the human input of divers or operators. 

Because the HSR is scalable and efficient, cleanings can be performed more regularly.  While the use of a thoroughly tested brush system that is non-destructive to the hull coating with built-in system intelligence means it won’t overwork the coatings – adding yet another cost benefit.

The system also saves costs by reporting valuable information back to the shipowner, effectively creating a hull condition survey every time it cleans a hull. Any damage or corrosion is picked up early by the robot’s cameras and sensors, decisions can be made on whether rectification is necessary or whether ongoing monitoring will suffice.

Armach makes operating with always clean hulls finally possible in an industry that has been doing things the same way for centuries and stands ready to provide a service solution to always clean hulls and hull intelligence for the Cruise industry today.

Don’t let biofouling drag you down. Schedule a consultation with Armach today and see how to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, and avoid invasive species transfer.