Sea Cloud Spirit's first mast has been installed at Metalships & Docks SAU in Vigo, Spain.

There, the Polish shipbuilding company Chorén erected the approximately 54-meter/177-foot aft mast of the new tall ship.

‘With this we have taken an important step towards the completion of the Sea Cloud Spirit,’ said Daniel Schäfer, managing director of Sea Cloud Cruises in Hamburg. The 138-meter/453-foot, three-mast ship for 136 passengers will be put into service this year.

Total sail area almost 4,100 square meters/44,132 square feet

With rigging, work on Sea Cloud Spirit has entered a decisive phase. One by one, the three masts, already fully equipped with shrouds and stays, are now being erected. They will carry the total sail area of almost 4,100 square meters/44,132 square feet.

Rigging design by Zygmunt Chorén

The rigging was designed by the Polish yacht designer Zygmunt Chorén, one of very few specialists who still masters the art of windjammer construction. He is behind fast and elegant tall ships such as the German three-mast barque Alexander von Humboldt, the Polish full-rigged ship Dar Mlodziezy and its Russian sister Mir.

The aft mast (mizzenmast) not only carries the sails, but also contains the exhaust system for Sea Cloud Spirit’s engine. As soon as the shrouds and stays are attached and the mast is aligned, testing of the engine can start, Schäfer said.

Meanwhile, the shipyard continues working on the interior fittings.