Resco, in partnership with VONE, announce implementation of Resco cruise systems for a Chinese-based cruise start-up.

Blue Dream Star Cruise operates Blue Dream Star, (ex Glory Sea, ex Celesytal Odyssey) a 418 cabin vessel and is planning to commence cruising out of mainland China from October 2020.

Resco’s mobile PMS and POS software providing integrated database management solutions including Central Reservations (CRS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Property Management (PMS) and Point of Sale (POS) systems are running on board more than 220 cruise vessels around the globe

Zhuhai Vone Technology Company (VONE) has been providing information technical services covering consulting, planning, transformation and upgrade solutions for onboard cruise ships since 2011.

Thermal Screening

VONE is also a provider of Thermal Screening Systems (TSS) for passenger and crew temperature screening and tracking and has supplied nine cruise ships with TSS this year.