Panama has made the first 'isthmic transfer,' moving Carnival Cruise Line crew from one ship to another to facilitate their repatriation.

About 91 crew from Carnival Miracle in the Pacific sector were transferred by bus to the Colón 2000 terminal in the Atlantic sector, where they later boarded Carnival Glory to sail to Curaçao for repatriation to their countries of origin.

Panama Maritime Authority oversight

The transfer inspection was carried out by Panama Maritime Authority Administrator Noriel Arauz.

‘The crew members are healthy and, since their entry in Panamanian waters at the beginning of May, they have been monitored daily by the on-board doctors, supervised by Panama’s Ministry of Health in coordination with the Panama Maritime Authority and the National Immigration Service and in compliance with strict biosafety protocols, without putting at risk the sanitary integrity of the country,’ Arauz said.

Humanitarian response

‘We are providing a humanitarian and effective response to seafarers from 25 nations — among them, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Haiti — who arrived in Panama waters on the ships Carnival Miracle, Carnival Inspiration and Carnival Imagination … from the US West Coast,’ he said.

Carnival Cruise Line had previously conducted ship-to-ship transfers of the crew members, grouped by nationality, to carry out the repatriations.