NEXT, which offers UV-C solutions to mitigate and reduce the spread of COVID-19, introduced IQSafe for the safe isolation of infected persons.

Turnkey solution

The IQ — which stands for intelligent quarters — Safe turnkey solution was developed for isolating passengers and crew who have been identified with any bacterial or viral infection including COVID-19. When used in designated cabins, IQSafe’s products are designed to keep the air pure and free of pathogens while decontaminating surfaces.

Occupant monitoring 24/7 can be arranged with a Wi-Fi web-based camera. Rubbish and medical supplies can be contained with bio-med receptacles. The entire space is sanitized before and after use.

The cost

NEXT said the sample cost for IQSafe’s suite of products is under $20,000 for four cabins.

EU Healthy Gateways guidelines state ships must be able to individually isolate 5% of passengers and 5% of crew when it will not be possible to disembark those who need to be quarantined or isolated within 24 hours from detection of the first possible COVID-19 case. When it will be possible to disembark passengers and crew within that 24-hour window, isolation space will be required for only 1% of passengers and 1% of crew.