Well… we have to admit that this is a truth with a twist. It’s actually the surface material from Metalcolour for wall panels, ceilings, doors and wet units in passenger and crew cabins, that we have in mind.

Anyway, we are still very proud and happy that the choice fell on DOBEL products from Metalcolour. The last shipment of Film Laminated Steel left Metalcolours production unit in Ronneby, Sweden a few weeks ago and we have started the production for our next cruise ship project in line.

Without any doubts, we are convinced that the new cruise ship Disney Wish will provide amazing experiences for a lot of adventurous passengers.

The Disney Wish, the fifth ship in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, will introduce a brand-new, distinctly Disney design concept unlike anything at sea. It will set sail on its maiden 5-night voyage to Nassau, The Bahamas, and Disney’s Castaway Cay on June 9th, 2022.

Disney Wish, built at Meyer Werft in Germany, will have the impressive length of 341 metres and an estimated gross tonnage of 144,000 tons. With its 1,244 staterooms, it will have capacity for 4,000 passengers. You will find everything worth knowing about the ship here: https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/

The Metalcolour team are looking forward to following the adventures of this amazing cruise ship.


In the early 70s, Metalcolour played an active role in setting a new standard for material choice and the manufacturing of cruise ship Interiors. By introducing DOBEL Film Laminated Metal in 1974, Metalcolour initiated the transition from using piece coated traditional materials to using Metalcolour Prepainted Metal and Film Laminated Metal, which resulted in a bit of a revolution for the industry. With the transition came a number of benifits including safety and durability properties.

Obviously, it was a successful move since the technique still is standard when designing and manufacturing cruise ship interiors.



Film laminated steel and aluminium offers the possibility for design, form and function in an industrialized and economical way. The combination of metal properties (strength and shapeability) together with design properties in laminates gives a versatile material applicable to many areas of use.  

Through the DOBEL brand Metalcolour is continually pushing the standard to higher levels. By using the non-stick protective foil as a standard, the surfaces are securely protected from damages during production and handling. Once the end product is finalized the protective foil can be easily removed leaving the surface clean, ready to use with no glue residues on the surface.


In general, flat sections like wall panels and ceilings might be the most common suitable applications for Film Laminated Metal. It is also perfect for bending, profiling, deep-drawing, perforating etc, which broadens the possibilities of application. These properties also make it an excellent choice for back of seats, doors, partition walls, technical compartments, toilet cabins, bistro desks and bag compartments.


Film Laminated Metal is also well known for its strength and resistance to wear. First of all, there is the metal core not easily stressed and on top of that the laminate made of extremely durable material.


What about safety properties? Safety is of course one of our highest priorities and the ability to withstand physical impact and to reduce spreading of fire, is crucial. All materials and products must fulfil demands stated by certificates and approvals as a guarantee for safety in general. As an example, DOBEL F105 series by Metalcolour are tested and certified according to the highest standards in safety.


The manufacturing of the laminates used is carefully monitored. This minimizes the risk of disturbing deviations in colour, embossing or pattern, ensuring the product to be more stable than many other materials. With the strict control of both incoming and outgoing material we make sure that even material from different batches can be mixed for the same project. 


That is almost an understatement in this context. The number of laminates accessable to the market is nearly countless and you can even get a design exclusively of your own for a special purpose.

With the possibility to choose thickness of the metal base for different properties you can make the product as strong and light as needed. All this together, makes Film Laminated Metal an excellent choice for cruise ship interior design.


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