With a cover story on how cruises will restart in 'bubbles,' plus features on how cruising will be different in the COVID-19 era and expert commentaries, the June issue of Seatrade Cruise Review is just out.

Cruise operations are expected to restart gradually in pockets or bubbles, just as society is gradually reopening following the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. Drive markets are first. The issue looks at some of the places that are likely to see the first ocean and river cruises — some of them, imminent.

How will cruising be different?

Another feature, ‘How will cruising be different?’, looks at new practices and protocols on board, including the challenge of social distancing in an inherently social experience, F&B operations and medical practices.

Orderbook impact, lawsuits, ship lay-ups, expedition sector, excursions

Expert commentaries include a look at COVID-19’s impact on the cruise ship orderbook, supply-demand balance, ship decommissioning and lay-up by Niklas Carlen, research director at MSI. Separately, hot, warm and cold lay-up are defined and analyzed.

Christopher B. Kende of Cozen O’Connor delves into the tidal wave of lawsuits facing cruise operators. David Giersdorf, founder/president of Global Voyages Group and an expedition cruising pioneer, focuses on imperatives for this sector, which was booming before COVID-19.

Further features look at how to make Asia-Pacific shore excursions safe when cruising resumes, a host of new strategies, technologies and products to address COVID-19; and some of the recent senior cruise line management changes.

LNG commentary, Baltic and Mediterranean ports/destinations

Still other content includes expert LNG commentary by Xavier Pfeuty of Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions and features on Baltic and Mediterranean ports and destinations.

A link to the digital version of Seatrade Cruise Review’s June issue will be distributed to subscribers and the print edition is mailing soon.