Here's a quick read of some of today’s coronavirus-related cruise news and announcements.

Keep checking back. This is being continuously updated.

New A-Rosa dates include June Douro restart

A-Rosa Flusschiff confirmed new restart dates. On June 17, A-Rosa Alva is going to start operating on Portugal’s Douro River. The COVID-19 situation in Portugal is under control, and the Douro itineraries are domestic ones which makes it easier to comply with regulations.

On June 19 and 20, A-Rosa cruises on the Rhine and Danube will restart. A date for the new start on France’s rivers has not been specified, but A-Rosa aims to commence operations there in the beginning of July.

Barcelona’s three-year recovery plan

In an interview with daily newspaper La Vanguardia, Barcelona Port Authority Chairman Mercé Conesa said: ‘We have a plan for regaining the 2019 cruise numbers during a three-year period between 2021 and 2023.’ She did not add further details.