In addition to the company donation, contributions have been received from fellow partners, members and employees worldwide. inCruises said 100% of these donations provide immediate financial support for Ukrainian colleagues to purchase food, secure transportation and lodging, buy medicine and other necessities. To ensure the money was dispersed immediately to those in need, the inCruises team worked around the clock to fulfill requests.

Praying for peace, love and understanding

‘The foundation of inCruises is our valued members and partners in over 190 countries. We’ve come together to help our Ukrainian colleagues with urgent humanitarian support,’ inCruises Co-CEO Frank Codina said. ‘Our hearts are with everyone impacted by the war in Ukraine, and we admire all those trying to assist them. We pray for peace, love and understanding.’

‘We stand with the people of Ukraine as their lives are being torn apart,’ added inCruises Co-CEO Michael Hutchison. ‘We applaud our colleagues’ actions. We know our financial contributions and our team’s efforts will directly help the people of Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis.’

Launched in 2016, inCruises is a cruise membership club. The company also supports Mercy Ships, 4Ocean and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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