This new video series introduces ‘the most transformational ship the world has ever seen,’ in the words of Jay Schneider, chief product innovation officer, RCI.

It’s the best of what Royal Caribbean has built over the past 50 years, according to President and CEO Michael Bayley.

Guest-centric research

In ‘Envisioning an Iconic Vacation,’ company leaders, designers and product innovators explain everything revolves around the guest, and vast research forms the basis for years of ideation and design.

But don’t expect any specific reveals about the next-generation ship coming in 2023. This first video is about the process, with scenes from Meyer Turku and Royal Caribbean’s Innovation Lab at its Miami headquarters. 

Elaborating on the first pillar, unrivaled water experiences, Jay Rosser, senior product owner, product development, RCI, said: ‘In every way that guests interact with the ship, there’s always a connectivity back to the water.’

Adrenalin-pumping thrills

The second pillar is adrenalin-pumping thrills. ‘How can we offer something that is really for the bold, for the brave, for the fearless [to] experience something that they’ve never been able to do anywhere else?’ said Emily Rodriguez, product owner, product development, RCI.

Ultimate family vacation

With guest research showing that bonding with family or friends on a trip ‘always comes to the top,’ the third pillar is the ultimate family vacation.

Sensational entertainment

Sensational entertainment is the fourth pillar, with the ship expanding what Royal Caribbean offers ‘with new, diverse international entertainment.’ 

Celebration of food and beverage

And fifth, Icon is built on a celebration of food and beverage with the opportunity to ‘try things you’ve never tried before’ or stick with ‘things you love.’