Hull no. 518 – intended by Swan to be its third and largest vessel, SH Diana – began accepting bids November 25. The winner of the bid will be revealed on Monday.

Follows the same process as for the purchase of SH Vega

‘This follows the same procedure as for SH Vega and we are therefore proceeding in exactly the same way,’ said a spokesperson for Swan Hellenic, referring to when the cruise line’s second vessel was put up for auction by Helsinki Shipyard back in June. At that time, Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito told Seatrade Cruise News the brand would ‘secure control of the vessel’ and putting it out to tender was ‘due process,’ resulting from the Russian-owned leasing company GTLK Europe defaulting.

GTLK was supposed to buy SH Vega, chartering the ship to Swan, but the arrangement fell through after sanctions were imposed on the company, leading the cruise line to seek fresh equity.

Helsinki Shipyard

The shipyard was not immediately available for comment on the status of hull no. 518, whose starting price for the bidding has not been disclosed.

SH Diana

Hull no. 518 measures 125mtr long and 23mtr wide, and contains 96 staterooms and suites, the majority with large balconies. Swan Hellenic expressed plans in the summer for the vessel to cruise the length and breadth of the Mediterranean next year before voyaging from the Red Sea to East Africa and beyond.