For decades, Metalcolour has provided a sample collection of the most popular designs in the industry. By experience we know that our DOBEL Design Chart over the years has been an important source of inspiration for architects and designers all over the world.

The 2022 edition with 72 different design samples, is now available for customers and partners. Why not visit us in Hall B5, Stand 407 and get one for yourself?


With DOBEL products, almost any design is available. Metalcolour keeps over 400 different designs in stock and more than another 1,000 are available on request. You can even get a design exclusively of your own for a special purpose. With the possibility to choose thickness of the metal base for different properties you can make the product as strong and light as needed. All this together, makes DOBEL Film Laminated Metal an excellent choice for cruise ship interior design.


On July 14th, Disney Cruise Lines 5th ship The Disney Wish, set sail on her maiden voyage to the Bahamas. Metalcolour is incredibly proud to have been entrusted with delivering approximately 200,000 square meters of DOBEL Film Laminated steel to the construction of interiors in this impressive 144,000-ton LNG/electric-powered cruise liner. Our DOBEL products in different designs are used in ceilings, wall panels, doors and wet units.

Using film laminated metal are more or less standard nowadays when designing cruise ship interiors, but it has not always been that way. In the early 70s, Metalcolour played an active role in setting a new standard for material choice and the manufacturing of cruise ship interiors. By introducing DOBEL Film Laminated Metal, Metalcolour initiated the transition from using piece coated traditional materials to using pre-painted and film laminated metal. This resulted in a bit of a revolution for the industry and with the transition came benefits including safety and durability properties.


What about safety properties? Safety is of course one of our highest priorities and the ability to withstand physical impact and to reduce spreading of fire, is crucial. All materials and products must fulfill demands stated by certificates and approvals as a guarantee for safety in general. As an example, DOBEL F105 series by Metalcolour are tested and certified according to the highest standards in safety.


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