Against the backdrop of the ship’s AquaTheater, she landed 76 alternating crossovers, smashing the Guinness World Records’ ‘Most Sit-down Alternating Crossovers with a Football in 30 seconds (female)’ record. 

It is Cooke’s first world title set on board a cruise ship. 

An honour

‘As a cruise line known for introducing many firsts in the vacation industry, it was an honour to host Liv Cooke for her most recent and successful world record attempt…’ said Ben Bouldin, VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Royal Caribbean International. 

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) ambassador and social media personality, Cooke has shared videos online showcasing her football skills that have clocked up more than 100m views.

‘Symphony of the Seas was incredible, and there’s so much to do, so I couldn’t think of a more unique place to achieve my latest record…’ she said.