Just out, Seatrade Cruise Review's latest issue features an extensive expedition cruising outlook, health safety protocols update and how on-board entertainment is evolving in the new environment.

Available in digital and print versions, the issue also includes features on decarbonizing shipping, with assessments of various strategies.

Peter Hult of Vikand Solutions discusses vaccination, the continued importance of testing and the company’s terminal testing solution which is being readied to implement in European homeports.

Orderbook changes assessed

Niklas Carlen of Maritime Strategies International presents an expert commentary on the cruise orderbook and changes sparked by the pandemic.

In a special report, Tillberg Design chronicles the life and work of the late design legend and company founder Robert Tillberg.

Ports directory

Plus, the issue includes people news, a directory of major cruise ports with facilities and contact information across five main geographical areas and much more.

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