According to the cruise line, the ‘boat on boat’ method – enabling multiple vessels to be transported at one time – was chosen for ‘safer delivery of the ship with less wear and tear’ while playing a role in Variety’s efforts to become carbon neutral.

The 50mtr, two-masted motorsailer set off from Genoa on November 23 and arrived in Tahiti on January 6. It will cruise French Polynesia’s Society Islands with a maximum capacity of 49 passengers on board.

Float-on, float-off transfer system for superyachts

The loading process involves a semi-submersible vessel being immersed into a floating marina, where all yachts are moored into position. Once the deck becomes dry, the yachts are secured in readiness for safe crossing.

Cutting carbon emissions

Variety, a member of Tourism Declares, has developed a 12-month plan for slashing carbon emissions. It is also a guardian member of Sustainable Travel International, pledging to offset the CO2 footprint of its cruises.

The line will additionally be monitoring its impact on the environment with ships running on marine diesel oil, while reducing plastic waste, further developing its beach clean-up initiatives and adhering to the most stringent policies on waste management.

Ethical food sourcing is a further commitment by Variety, together with gender equality and education equality. 

Protecting cultural heritage sites, engaging in research on biodegradable materials and protecting sea-life are other areas where its efforts are directed.