The cutaway was released July 4 on Cunard’s 183rd birthday.

Artist Dominik Bulka was commissioned to create the cutaway, hand-sketching each element of the design before electronically stitching the constituent scenes into a single digital image.

The cutaway illustrates many of Cunard’s signature venues and public spaces, including the Grand Lobby and Golden Lion pub, as well as new concepts for Queen Anne such as the show bar, Bright Lights Society, that’s inspired by historic, bold electric light installations.

Weird and wonderful details

Eagle-eyed observers will also notice a number of weird and wonderful depictions reflecting Cunard folklore. On Deck 1 are two bellhops feeding a hippo in a swimming pool in a mischievous reference to a well-known trans-Atlantic crossing.

In 1963, on board Pavia, Jimmy the hippopotamus was making his way from Naples to Chester Zoo and required a cold shower every hour during the day. Jimmy traveled on deck with an awning over his cage to protect him from the sun.

Famous faces

Elsewhere, famous faces have been woven into the cutaway, from past travelers such as David Bowie and Nelson Mandela, to Sir Samuel Cunard.

A number of limited-edition cutaway posters will be created ahead of Queen Anne’s maiden voyage on May 3, 2024.