During a limited-time promotion, travel agencies are invited to affiliate with Avoya Travel at no cost, provided they have customers with future cruise/travel credits.

$495 fee waived

Qualified agencies will have the normal $495 affiliation fee waived by Avoya.

Avoya created this promotion to make its resources and proprietary and patented technology available to a greater number of travel agencies during these challenging times. The company said recently announced cutting-edge technology and data intelligence advances have further simplified the travel-selling process and accelerated the sales volume of Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network.

Hard work deserves to be rewarded

Travel advisors have been working for the last eight months to service and support customers and their hard work, often for no guarantee of income or future revenue, deserves to be rewarded, Avoya said.

‘Travel agencies are among the hardest hit businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic and yet they put in a tremendous amount of work for their customers during this crisis to handle all the sailing cancellations, payment refunds, rebookings and future travel credits. Much of this hard work was performed for little or no income,’ said Steve Hirshan, SVP sales, Avoya Travel.

‘Avoya has developed several new initiatives throughout the pandemic to support the Avoya Network, from waiving all Independent Agency fees for four months to offering access to expert legal and accounting assistance through the Avoya CARES program,’ Hirshan continued. The newest initiative is waiving the affiliation fee.

Dual affiliation allowed

The promotion provides flexibility because affiliation with Avoya does not need to be exclusive if agencies choose to dual affiliate. This allows new Independent Agencies to take advantage of the promotion while maintaining previous affiliations if they choose to do so.

Avoya’s Live Leads program, a patented lead distribution system, alongside the recently enhanced Marketing Resource Center, Avoya Smart Leads program and patented SaaS technology, Agent Power, are some of the award-winning optional marketing and support services Avoya believes will convince newly affiliated Independent Agencies to stay with Avoya long-term.

Six-month initial affiliation

The initial affiliation agreement lasts for six months, with monthly fees automatically waived for the first two months and in subsequent months as long as modest sales thresholds are reached, making the new promotion an opportunity to discover what Avoya has to offer without being locked into a long-term commitment.

The promotion gives agencies ample time to become familiar with Avoya’s marketing services and proprietary technology offerings before leisure travel resumes.

‘We’re confident that the level of agency business support we provide, coupled with our dynamic one-to-one marketing technology and industry-leading data intelligence, will convince travel agencies that affiliate with Avoya under this promotion to stay with us long-term,’ said Sam McCully, SVP marketing, Avoya Travel. ‘This is a risk-free opportunity to see why we’re the leisure travel platform of the future.’

Information: www.AvoyaNetwork.com/New-Promotion.