Every year during its Christmas and New Year cruises, a raffle is held across the AIDA fleet to support a charitable cause. Various activities at the end of 2022 resulted in the sum being collected, enabling children worldwide to gain access to education through AIDA Cruise & Help, which aims to improve educational opportunities in emerging and developing countries. 

‘I wish to express my sincere thanks to all dedicated supporters of AIDA Cruise & Help,’ stated Felix Eichhorn, president, AIDA Cruises. ‘Hand in hand, the AIDA family has now been standing up for children in the poorer regions of the world for three years to give them a self-determined future.’ 

AIDA Cruise & Help 

Since 2019, AIDA Cruise & Help has supported education in Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Namibia and Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka with 37 schools serving 4,200 pupils.