Starting today, the advertising with the message ‘AIDA ❤ Hamburg’ will appear on 100 large digital screens and towers across the city.

Hamburg Cruise Days, Aug. 19-21, is expected to draw tens of thousands of cruise fans. 

Advertising partner Ströer

AIDA teamed with outdoor advertising provider Ströer for the dynamic campaign on public video city towers and on giant screens at Hamburg’s main train station. The image of an AIDA ship in shallow waves with a spilling-water effect grabs viewers’ attention.

‘The innovative 3D advertising campaign offers us completely new creative possibilities that make the product even more realistic and lead to even more attention from the viewer,’ according to Alexander Ewig, SVP marketing, AIDA Cruises.

Giant screens powered by green electricity

Ströer’s giant screens and towers can be found indoors at train stations and shopping centers and outdoors at high-traffic locations. Each has 3.25 square meters of light-emitting diodes in portrait format to enable the display of free-floating objects with 3D illusions.

The screesn are powered exclusively by emission-free green electricity.

Plus, winter cruising promotion

At the same time, AIDA is launching additional advertising in northern Germany to promote winter cruises, Numerous posters will be displayed in Rostock, Lübeck, Kiel, Stralsund and Greifswald. The highlight is a 224-square-meter traffic tower on the A24 near Zarrentin in the direction of Hamburg.


In addition, City Lite Bikes with mobile advertising will be seen in Lübeck, on the resort island of Usedom, at Warnemünde’s Hanse Sail and at Hamburg’s Cruise Days.