Cruise & Help has been combining all of AIDA’s charitable projects since 2019. Together with its long-term partner, the FLY & HELP foundation, the initiative’s goal is to enable better educational opportunities in emerging and developing countries, and improving the future prospects of children and young people in the poorest parts of the world.

‘Education is the key to a more peaceful world and every time we can build another school, it is an unforgettable moment,’ said entertainment manager Tobias Klaus. ‘Many thanks to all our colleagues and the generous donations of our guests, who unite to form the big AIDA family in this social commitment.’ 


Past voyages saw AIDAperla collect donations for a new kindergarten, including a preschool facility with a spacious playground for around 30 children in the Namibian village of Oruhona.


On board AIDAaura, AIDAbella and AIDAdiva, donations for three new special schools in the villages of Kandukur, Chinna Hothur and C.Kodigipalli in South East India were raised. These schools can be built in the coming months and will provide a safe place to learn for a total of 150 girls and boys.